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The Trust Bust


Amid the turmoil on Wall Street and the uncertainty on Main Street, I’m starting to wonder where trust will land once the dust settles. In the past month or so, we’ve seen legendarily strong brands crumble and reputations plummet. Brands who built their success on the promise of strength, certainty and expertise. And even for […]

(likemind) chi


This morning I went to my first Likemind in Chicago. Although I sat at the coffee shop right next door for half of it, I still enjoyed the time I got to spend with the group. And I’m looking forward to seeing them all next month as well. Do you know what Likemind is? If […]

I’m not usually a sucker for vacation ads. In fact, they’re usually so predictable and canned that I can’t stand them, let alone am I swayed into acting upon them. But I’m admitting it here and now that I’m totally in love with the ads. I’ve only seen TV, outdoor (bus wraps) and heard […]