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High Fidelity


I was cleaning out my Google Reader tonight when I ran into this gem by Seth Godin. It’s a compelling idea that’s takes brand differentiation to another level. Kevin Maney has a book out in September about the trade off between delivering extraordinary experiences (which he calls fidelity) and doing it in a way that’s […]

So I went to my second Pecha Kucha Night tonight. [For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, click here.] And while I really liked all of the presentations, there was one that stood out from the rest. Jesse Seay started a website called And it’s exactly what you’d think it is: […]

About two weeks ago, I killed my tv. Not literally, of course. I simply canceled my cable subscription, and since I don’t have an antenna, I also don’t receive the local channels. For some, this may seem rather un-newsworthy. But for the self-proclaimed couch potato that I am, this was a really big deal. I […]

In today’s Chicago Tribune, an ode to the bookmark. Julia Keller, who wrote this article, perfectly articulates the importance all the small stuff we normally take for granted in life. And yet as ordinary and everyday as a bookmark can be, there is also something thrillingly intimate about what it ultimately represents: the progress of […]