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This makes me think differently about infographics. Too often, they’re relegated to the business world, but what about their role in everyday life? To me, it seems that they could play a large part in reducing waste in people’s lives – whether it’s the bathwater above, or the dishwater. I love this idea found on […]

GOOD Magazine always has great stuff, but occasionally the greatness even surpasses my high expectations. There all this talk about your carbon footprint this and that, but rarely do we look at our overall effect on any the other resources. A couple weeks ago, GOOD did us all a favor and figured out our water […]

Over the holidays I’ve been catching up on my RSS feeds and came across two timely gems from Logo Design Love. With all the excitement and hullabaloo that ensued in the weeks following the election, I missed a lot. So, apologies if both of these are old news. The first is an interview with Obama’s […]