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Last week I visited Dallas for some in-homes with consumers. While there, I checked out a local sandwich shop with the craziest Coke machine I’ve ever seen. With 106 choices, my dream beverage was just a couple taps away on the touch screen. What I didn’t expect, however, was the near paralysis I faced when […]

High Fidelity


I was cleaning out my Google Reader tonight when I ran into this gem by Seth Godin. It’s a compelling idea that’s takes brand differentiation to another level. Kevin Maney has a book out in September about the trade off between delivering extraordinary experiences (which he calls fidelity) and doing it in a way that’s […]

Killed Ideas


Steve Hall and the folks over at Blurb have launched, a sanctuary for all ideas that went before their time. All entries will be evaluated based on the ‘greatness’ of the idea, and the best of the worst will be published in Killed Ideas Volume 1. Kudos to Blurb on this one. I love […]

I spent all day today at the 27th Annual Chicago Advertising Federation Career Day – and the better part of the past three months planning for it. Career Day, for those of you who don’t know, is an opportunity for college students to interact with advertising professionals and get a taste of what it’s like […]

I’ve mentioned before, but every time I come across an extraordinary video, I feel compelled to post it. So, here goes… Every week at the office, my team gets together to watch one TEDtalk and then discuss the content. Last week we watched Hans Rosling talk about the third world. Based on that poor […]

Next Tuesday, October 7, Grant Achatz’s new cookbook debuts on bookstore shelves across the country. I happen to have gotten a peek since my boss is not only a frequent visitor of the restaurant but also good friends with Chef Achatz. The book itself is amazing – the photography is stunning, to say the least, […]

Amid all the buzz about stability and strength in the financial services’ advertising as of late, maybe a game-changer is just what the doctor ordered. Instead of talking about what’s left after the crash, change the subject. And instead of telling customers they’re safe, sound and appreciated, why not walk the walk? I remember seeing […]

The Trust Bust


Amid the turmoil on Wall Street and the uncertainty on Main Street, I’m starting to wonder where trust will land once the dust settles. In the past month or so, we’ve seen legendarily strong brands crumble and reputations plummet. Brands who built their success on the promise of strength, certainty and expertise. And even for […]

John Moore, over at Brand Autopsy, occasionally poses an interesting and compelling question that goes a little something like this: If [insert brand here] disappeared tomorrow, would you care? Today, he’s putting Dairy Queen on the chopping block. Think what you will about Dairy Queen – or any other fast food joint. The point is […]