Is That a Chicken on the Corner?


It’s always sort of like finding a secret treasure when you run into something unexpected on Google’s Street View. Last year, Google caught Cubs Manager Lou Pinella walking down Clark Street, just outside the Friendly Confines.


But this one is no coincidence. Pittsburgh artists Robin Hewlett and Ben Kinsley organized a neighborhood-wide production when the Google Maps crew came to town. They wanted to give the neighborhood a choice as to how it was portrayed to the world. And through realistic (but planned) events, they did. As the Google crew’s car turned onto Sampsonia Street, the marching band greeted them as onlookers watched the parade unfold before their eyes. Next up, the crew drove through a 5-person marathon, that of course, just *happened* to be occurring the same day and time as the parade. Just a couple houses down, a garage band held practice next door to a mad scientist experiment. And, like every neighborhood I know, there were two firemen saving a cat from a tree to round out the day.

Take a look at Street With a View to find out more – and of course, to check them out on Google Maps.


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