Honda’s Newest


Another homerun by Honda. This time, to promote their affordable hybrid, they used headlights as a makeshift LED screen.

Not only is it beautiful work, I’m thoroughly impressed that an idea of this magnitude and complication actually got through the agency/client process. Maybe I’m a little jaded, but (much!) simpler ideas than this have been killed because it would simply be a bit of a challenge. So, bravo Honda! And bravo, Wieden!

Check out the behind-the-scenes look at how they made the spot.

[via Another Planning Blog]


3 Responses to “Honda’s Newest”

  1. “simpler ideas than this have been killed because it would simply be a bit of a challenge.” agree. most of the time, either it was a budget-buster or someone would rather “fake-it” than actually going thru the hard work of doing it right. in a “cut ‘n paste” culture, i do love the choreography and logistics of planning such a simply elegant piece of work. the samsung LED sheep is another example of this painstaking craftsmanship. perhaps only ad ppl like us appreciate this kind of stuff? 😉

    • 2 stephanieakelly

      right after i wrote this post, i saw a honda civic ad on tv. you know those grooves on the side of the highway that make a noise when you’re veering off the road? well, i’m not sure if you’ve seen this spot, but honda cut the right depth and width of grooves to play a song as the car drives over them. not simple at all. but simply effing awesome.

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