Guide to the Top 20 Planner Blogs


Have you ever wanted a concise list of the cream of crop planner blogs? Iqbal over at MisEntropy has posted the Top 20 blogs in the plannersphere as of 4th April 2009:

  1. russell davies
  2. Talent Imitates, Genius Steals
  3. adliterate
  4. Servant of Chaos
  5. Only Dead Fish
  6. Noah Brier
  7. Influxinsights
  8. The Hidden Persuader
  9. CrapHammer
  10. brand new
  11. Fallon Planning
  12. [ paul isakson ]
  13. nick burcher
  14. Get Shouty
  15. Herd – the hidden truth about who we are
  16. Adspace Pioneers
  17. Life Moves Pretty Fast
  18. Make Marketing History
  19. Social Hallucinations
  20. Interactive Marketing Trends

(thanks @martindelaney!)


5 Responses to “Guide to the Top 20 Planner Blogs”

  1. Yeah, it’s a nice list. I was following a bunch, but not all, so I added some of the rest. Always some intriguing & great thinking amongst this group. Thanks for the mention too:)

    Should start up an additional list (the young brigade of planner types) – you’d be in there.

    • 2 stephanieakelly

      That’s a great idea. We should compare notes for the young crowd and put a list together. I’ve got a bunch in my RSS feed.

  2. Cool – sounds like a plan. I’ll have a look too.

  3. Daniel Mejia did start something like this – for planners under 27 – but I don’t know that it is continuing:´s-young-minds-november-2007

    • 5 stephanieakelly

      Thanks, Gavin! I’ll check it out and see. And, while I’m at it, thanks for your great list. I had some of the blogs in my RSS, but added a bunch of others.

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