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It’s always sort of like finding a secret treasure when you run into something unexpected on Google’s Street View. Last year, Google caught Cubs Manager Lou Pinella walking down Clark Street, just outside the Friendly Confines. But this one is no coincidence. Pittsburgh artists Robin Hewlett and Ben Kinsley organized a neighborhood-wide production when the […]

Another homerun by Honda. This time, to promote their affordable hybrid, they used headlights as a makeshift LED screen. Not only is it beautiful work, I’m thoroughly impressed that an idea of this magnitude and complication actually got through the agency/client process. Maybe I’m a little jaded, but (much!) simpler ideas than this have been […]

Leon over at The Planning Lab has gone and done something downright brilliant for all of us young, aspiring planners. He asked two handfuls of planning’s greatest to share their advice for the next generation of planners (i.e. you & I). While there’s a ton of great stuff out there on the interwebs, right now […]

Cool x 10


I’m simply in awe of this music video for Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie. It’s beautiful. It’s whimsical. And it’s exactly what I imagine dreams to be. [via Snippets & Snapshots]

Have you ever wanted a concise list of the cream of crop planner blogs? Iqbal over at MisEntropy has posted the Top 20 blogs in the plannersphere as of 4th April 2009: russell davies Talent Imitates, Genius Steals adliterate Servant of Chaos Only Dead Fish Noah Brier Influxinsights The Hidden Persuader CrapHammer brand new Fallon […]

Say What?


‘Beyond a certain age, sincerity ceases to feel pornographic.’ DOUGLAS COUPLAND

GOOD Magazine always has great stuff, but occasionally the greatness even surpasses my high expectations. There all this talk about your carbon footprint this and that, but rarely do we look at our overall effect on any the other resources. A couple weeks ago, GOOD did us all a favor and figured out our water […]