A Little Help from Yelp


I used to be a big fan of Yelp, posting immediately after eating at every restaurant, cafe and bistro I visited. But for the past nine months or so, I’ve been a little ‘meh’ about the whole Review or Die craze. Originally, the site itself was a helpful resource for finding thoughtful, honest reviews about local places. Sometime in between then and now, it became a dumping ground for lame and damning one-line reviews from unhappy customers – or, just as bad, 5-star reviews for everything. And when you add in the recent news about Yelp’s corporate office not playing nice with business owners, I called it quits.

So, naturally, when I saw this article in PSFK, I laughed my ass off.


Apparently, Pizzeria Delfina in San Fransisco took advantage of Yelp’s ‘thoughtful’ reviews and made shirts out of the best of the worst. Now, their staff proudly wears the 1-star reviewed words of their least satisfied customers. HA!


2 Responses to “A Little Help from Yelp”

  1. I signed up for yelp but can’t bring myself to actually post. Usually because I only think to post when things go wrong, and maybe I’m too sensitive, but I don’t want to be the guy that brings down someone else’s business. But maybe I’m just too forgiving?

    • 2 stephanieakelly

      I used to be really into Yelp, but with all the negative press lately, I’m kinda glad I fell out of sorts with it. And to be honest, I think more people on Yelp need to take a look at what they’re saying. There is a lot of ruthless, libelous, and downright mean commentary – and I’d imagine it does have somewhat of an effect on business.

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