My ‘Favorite’ Takeaway from Pecha Kucha


So I went to my second Pecha Kucha Night tonight. [For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, click here.] And while I really liked all of the presentations, there was one that stood out from the rest.

Jesse Seay started a website called And it’s exactly what you’d think it is: your favorite sounds from Chicago. Genius! So, during her presentation, I wrote it down and promptly pulled up the site when I got home.

Many people attempt to capture the culture, architecture, ego, legend, politics, cuisine and people of Chicago. But never have I seen – or rather, heard – the sounds of Chicago. This site is simply golden. Listening to sounds I’d heard a thousand times before made me smile – and hearing others for the first time made me smile even bigger.

Thank you for this unexpected walk down memory lane and journey into the yet-to-be-discovered.


4 Responses to “My ‘Favorite’ Takeaway from Pecha Kucha”

  1. I attended my 1st pecha kucha night this week. this was an event that was hosted by the San Diego Architecture Association. most in attendance/presenting were artists, photographers and of course architectural design folks. the first few presenters seem to have a rough go at it. not sure if they weren’t comfortable on stage? didn’t rehearse? or not used to presenting off of ppt? my buddy commented: “give a creative a non-creative platform and he becomes a suit.” it seemed that some of them were certainly out of their element. although they may be a highly talented and creative lot, they formality and perhaps rigidness may have limited their ability to articulate and connect w/the audience. no joke, but some of the presenters gave a pecha kucha preso of their resume/portfolio. others even used the words like “objective”, “case study”, “ROI”, “implications.” charts and all. o_O All was not lost on the night tho, a couple presos at the end made the trip down to SD worth it. these folks taught me the most. Present what you know and be passionate about what you present. i’m already planning out my idea for my first pecha kucha preso. how ’bout you? gonna give it a try yourself? certainly think this way of story telling can be very effective in the workplace as well. yikes, sorry for the long-winded reply. thx Stephanie 🙂

    • 2 stephanieakelly

      hi nguyen – that’s an interesting take on pecha kucha. and i’d have to agree with most of it. chicago’s is usually pretty good, but then, there are some people who are just trying to pitch their company. to me, that’s not what PK is all about. nor is it worth the ticket i paid to get in. i want to see ideas, be stimulated and inspired. and leave feeling like i learned something.

      and maybe it’s just me, but when someone’s tanking up on stage, i get so embarrassed for them that i can barely stand to watch.

      on another note, i wish PK would broadcast the cities a la personally, i’m always a little jealous whenever i run into a recap of NY’s pecha kucha, and i’d like to see it as well as hearing about it.

      as for my own PK, i’ve definitely thought about it. but i don’t have the exact theme nailed down yet. what are you thinking?

      • yep, the ones pitching their companies was so hard to endure. i had my flip mino hd, recording some of the better ones. will post on youtube this weekend. as for my theme, i’m thinking about capturing a day-in-the-life of a ‘lil japanese lady who runs a shabu-shabu restaurant here. where most local restaurants are closing down and creating gimmicks to get ppl back into their restaurants, her business hasn’t seen much of a drop. very thankful, cos it’s a great place and her personality and charm is what brings customers back. i’d like to tell her story.

      • 4 stephanieakelly

        awesome! can’t wait to see what you saw at PK 😉 your idea about the restaurant is great! really, it sounds fantastic, and i can’t wait to see it (assuming you’ll post your own! haha.)

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