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If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m a political junkie. So when I found out that Bill Maher was coming to Chicago as part of the 2009 Speakers Series, I simply had to buy a ticket. He’s going up against Ann Coulter, which should be…interesting, to say the least. Next up… Al Gore ‘Change […]

Killed Ideas


Steve Hall and the folks over at Blurb have launched, a sanctuary for all ideas that went before their time. All entries will be evaluated based on the ‘greatness’ of the idea, and the best of the worst will be published in Killed Ideas Volume 1. Kudos to Blurb on this one. I love […]

I spent all day today at the 27th Annual Chicago Advertising Federation Career Day – and the better part of the past three months planning for it. Career Day, for those of you who don’t know, is an opportunity for college students to interact with advertising professionals and get a taste of what it’s like […]

Right around a year ago, Stephen Dubner, the author of the wildly popular Freakonomics book and corresponding blog, called for suggestions of a six-word motto for the United States of America. As you might expect, with the primaries just starting to heat up, the contest got really heated. And to make a long story short, […]

I’ve mentioned before, but every time I come across an extraordinary video, I feel compelled to post it. So, here goes… Every week at the office, my team gets together to watch one TEDtalk and then discuss the content. Last week we watched Hans Rosling talk about the third world. Based on that poor […]

About two weeks ago, I killed my tv. Not literally, of course. I simply canceled my cable subscription, and since I don’t have an antenna, I also don’t receive the local channels. For some, this may seem rather un-newsworthy. But for the self-proclaimed couch potato that I am, this was a really big deal. I […]