Night at the Museum


Amid all the buzz about stability and strength in the financial services’ advertising as of late, maybe a game-changer is just what the doctor ordered. Instead of talking about what’s left after the crash, change the subject. And instead of telling customers they’re safe, sound and appreciated, why not walk the walk?

I remember seeing commercials for Bank of America‘s Museums on Us program, but they never really resonated with me, never anything more than a fleeting ‘oh, that’s nice’ and then back to whatever I was doing.

But in the wake of last week’s collapse, their initiative seems more relevant than ever. ‘Treating’ customers to a day at the museum not only reinforces their appreciation for existing customers, but it’s also a perfect way to welcome those who were forced into BofA’s arms with the recent acquisition.

But it’s not just the niceties that make this promotion seem sweet, it’s the basic principle. Everyone loves a freebie. And quite frankly, most freebies are usually more of an inconvenience than a Sunday afternoon rendezvous.

So, kudos to you, Bank of America, for rising above the fray and changing the conversation to something real, something tangible, and something fun your customers – and only your customers – can enjoy in their free time.


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