Who Would You Miss?


John Moore, over at Brand Autopsy, occasionally poses an interesting and compelling question that goes a little something like this: If [insert brand here] disappeared tomorrow, would you care?

Today, he’s putting Dairy Queen on the chopping block.

Think what you will about Dairy Queen – or any other fast food joint. The point is something much deeper. To consider a global, national or regional brand to be at all disposable is pretty sobering. Especially to the company itself.

But isn’t an occasional self evaluation one of the most important and smartest things a marketers can do for the brands we own? Granted, you may not like the results, but it’s better than finding out too late.

As the consumer’s wallet gets smaller and smaller – and taste gets more and more discerning – should we as marketers be constantly thinking about how to be better? Or how to make that extra special impression? Or even how to get them to return and buy/eat/consume more?

It’s a simple concept on the surface – and I’m sure most of us are already doing just that. But it’s also imperative to continue to question and challenge the status quo. Otherwise, you’ll end up being the brand that no one misses.

And that begs the question: What brands would you miss? And vice versa?


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