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John Moore, over at Brand Autopsy, occasionally poses an interesting and compelling question that goes a little something like this: If [insert brand here] disappeared tomorrow, would you care? Today, he’s putting Dairy Queen on the chopping block. Think what you will about Dairy Queen – or any other fast food joint. The point is […]

(likemind) chi


This morning I went to my first Likemind in Chicago. Although I sat at the coffee shop right next door for half of it, I still enjoyed the time I got to spend with the group. And I’m looking forward to seeing them all next month as well. Do you know what Likemind is? If […]

This morning, my cubemate Brian, brought in something he acquired over the weekend. ‘I think you’ll like this,’ he said and handed it over. Initially, I was confused. He handed me a small, folded piece of newsprint that read Good Carbon Emissions. Am I missing something? But then I opened it up and saw that […]